Striving for a Risk Free Workplace

Risk Free Workplace (RFW) assist companies to identify and manage the risk associated with the operation of Fixed Plant, Equipment and Conveyors.

We do this by conducting "Independent" risk based audits of the many National and International Standards, Codes of Practice and in-house Polices and Procedures that industry is required to implement and maintain.

The Audit process we have developed provides our customers with a confidential rapid response with comprehensive reports that itemises audit findings based on the risk to the company.

Because of RFW's extensive history of delivering high quality reports with a fast turn around time, we have gained the reputation of being the leaders in the field, second to none.

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What We Do

RFW provides services for:

  • General safety training and awareness.
  • Auditing workplace to relevant safety standards
  • Comprehensive safety audits both in general industry and the mining industry
  • General consulting services for quality, safety and environment with an integrated management focus.
  • Full design, engineering and project management services from small one-off jobs through to comprehensive projects.

This is just the tip of the iceburg. For a full summary of our capabilities please click the following link.

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Our Approach

Our philosophy at Risk Free Workplace is one of empowering our customers with the knowledge to ultimately gain control over their safety risks. Risk Free Workplace has always identified that simply improving safety around plant and equipment will only partially reduce the risk. It is critical that we also consider the workforce to fully assess system safety.

It is well understood that people are ergonomically different in all aspects of height, observation skills, and reaction times just to name a few. What may be considered safe for one person may not translate to a safe working environment for another. With this in mind Risk Free Workplace ensures that all aspect of the work environment is understood and appreciated as part of the audit process.


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